Posted by Robert Van Horne on

The topic to discuss over our Cup of Tea today is "isms"—as in Bachanisms.

"Isms" are suffixes that are positive and negative. My Bachanisms are positive thoughts that convey my own feelings only. The Ten Commandments, the Bill of Rights, Buddhism’s Eight-fold Noble Path and even Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS, list of rules and Bachanisms are just that, lists to help us attain a happy, positive, peaceful life!

My Bachanisms are quotes handed down through the generations and some of my own! Some are: don’t swing empty sleeves, meaning not to flaunt arrogance without earning respect first; don't forget the pain of swallowing a hot beverage once it goes down your throat, meaning don’t forget a painful incident when it is over and learn from mistakes; do not deceive because the truth will prevail; as there are different faces, there are different thoughts—understanding this truth that we all deserve our opinions be heard and considered; kill them with kindness instead of meanness which will be contagious. I am sure all families have their "isms" that are handed down through the generations—their gifts to us.

I hope the good "isms" outnumber the bad ones, such as, racism, terrorism, materialism, etc. Bachanisms are given to bring comfort and positivity to one—each one of us together!

I was taught a verse that we recited in Sunday School when I was about 8 years old. It is The Golden Chain of Love: "I am a link in Amida’s Golden Chain of Love that stretches around the world. I must keep my link bright and strong. I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself. I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words and to do pure and beautiful deeds. May every link in Amida’s Golden Chain of Love become bright and strong and may we all attain perfect peace."

You are all my Cup of Tea.

Love and Light,