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My Cup of Tea today is the importance of communication.

My goal in these "Cups of Tea" is to bring my thoughts and stories to you and hope they will bring remembrances and similar experiences that we can share over a Cup of Tea.

Communication is vital individually and globally. My communications are my own opinions and beliefs and I make an extra effort to write my truths as I know it. My research is only from my family history. My blogs for Bachan's reflect my experiences from my childhood up to the present day. My objective is to maybe spark an interest that may be helpful with a similar situation in a reader's moment. I know the importance of communication to be factual and free of errors!

Good communication between individuals, especially family members helps to bring about understanding and a smooth solution to any situation that needs discussion. This is vital in all groups, large and small. It is important in the news media. If communication was true and developed without errors, it would produce harmony instead of hatred. One of the meaningful Bachanisms is to "never act to deceive because sometime, somewhere, the truth will be revealed." In the movie, Cool Hand Luke, there is a phrase, "what we've got here is a failure to communicate," that I think is so true in the world today.

Today's Cup of Tea probably required more than one cup!

See you at our next Cup of Tea~

💕❤️ Bachan