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The importance of being a gracious person is Bachan’s Cup of Tea today.

Growing up, we were always taught by our parents to say, please and thank you. They would always say, "What's the magic word." We always were respectful to these little teachings passed on from one generation to the next. I think this simple teaching is the foundation for becoming a gracious, kind person.

When life wasn't so busy and more simple, there was time to teach our children good manners, kindness and consequences. As time went on, there were increased demands on the family, making it necessary for both parents to go to work. There were new inventions and activities that made life fast paced and less family oriented. I think the Covid pandemic has reawakened the importance of family being together, bringing joy and love into our pods!

Back to being a gracious person, it is not too late! At whatever age, we can all consciously change our ways to become a gracious human being—be kind, compassionate, empathetic, loving, giving, generous, courteous and above all, a joy to be around. Especially in our golden years. I remember hearing my Mama and Papa say, "We have to behave in ways that we will be adored by our children and grandchildren, family and friends. Most of all, ask for help graciously and receive help graciously." I think we Seniors have a hard time with this! But, I say, "try it, you will like it"! Life will be joyful again—think of others and not yourself!

Graciousness is a virtue I strive for. I am acquainted or have been shown so many people with this quality, with integrity and honor, who inspire me everyday.

Stay safe and well—meet me for my next Cup of Tea.

Love and light,
~ Bachan