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Bachan's Cup of Tea topic, "habits."

During the pandemic, I have had an abundance of "thinking" time! It occurred to me that we all would do much better and be happier if we corrected certain habits!

Young or old, we all are victims of bad habits that repeatedly lead to misunderstandings! One habit we are not aware of is, how many times we hear ourselves saying, "I used to do it this way or that way," which blocks our minds to adjust to the present! There are many bad habits that need to be corrected by consciously training our brains to change our thinking. The following are some tips to guide us to achieve better relationships with our family and friends and, actually, everyone we meet, by changing our bad habits to good habits!

Tip #1 - Listen- the most important Important! Listening will help from "repeats" of mistakes!

Tip #2 - Be joyful! It's not fun to be around grumpy people β€” think happy thoughts.

Tip #3 - Think of others! We tend to think and talk about ourselves a lot!

Tip #4 - Join in! Activities will lift you out of self-centeredness. Keep in the loop!

Tip #5 - Accept! Acceptance of a situation is the only solution to go forward!

Tip #6 - Enjoy! Be thankful for your family and friends and loving helping hands!

I can think of many more tips but these are the most important ones ~ If I can keep these in my "have to do" list, life can be beautiful! I might slip with the, "I used to" and "but...," once in awhile! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Meet me for my next Cup of Tea!

Love and Light
πŸ’•β€οΈ Bachan