If Wishes Were Horses

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Today's Cup of Tea topic will be "If Wishes Were Horses."

When I was little, I remember an old Scottish proverb and nursery rhyme , "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride them." At that time, I understood it to mean, only beggars would be making wishes!

When I thought about it as I got older, I realized everyone makes wishes. We make wishes when we blow out the candles on the cake! We make all kinds of wishes: we wish we were pretty, handsome, wealthy and all kinds of things! It's fun because it's like a dream thatwe hope will come true! As I matured, for wishes to come true, I knew I had to take action!

Just wishing will not make any wish come true. As good parents, we have to impress this truth upon our children. We let them have the fun and imaginative thoughts of making wishes but for whatever wish they make, hard work on their part is needed to make them a reality.

The story of Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce is a "wish" story! Ever since it's founder, my grandson, Justin Gill, was a youngster, he always had wishes and dreams, mostly about some discovery, invention, business, etc. He worked hard and wasn't afraid to make it happen, after researching, developing and doing all that was necessary to achieve his goal. After a few disappointments, his dream in developing Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce into a product that would become a household staple became his ultimate goal. He wanted his product to honor and reflect the integrity of his family. He had great grandparents, grandparents and large family that he could draw upon for an unlimited resource base. He began working on his dream back in 2013. He researched, traveled miles to find the finest ingredients, developed the production, made up Bachan's team and in 2019, Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce was finally brought to market. His "dream that was first a wish" came true! His Jichan (Grandpa) always said, "Justin is going to hit it one day." He isn't hereto give him a high five, but I'm sure he is "up there" celebrating!

The moral of this story is, "make wishes" — you have the power to make them come true!

See you for my next Cup of Tea ~

Love and Light
💕❤️ Bachan