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The other day, my grandson Justin said, “Bachan, you should write stories, your thoughts for my blog.” I heard of blogs but didn’t know anything about them! I said, “OK, it would be fun!”

As I thought about it, it gave me a lift, an activity that would fill my days! Since sheltering in place, I have binged on Netflix, crocheted a stack of potholders, Audibled, surfed the web and checked in on Facebook and Instagram, the windows to my world! I thought a good title would be “Bachan’s Cup of Tea”—maybe it would spark interest in readers to read on to see what my Cup of Tea was for that day.

A friend once suggested a method of story writing was to write down short thoughts and then put them together to write your story. I have written about activities, thoughts, in journal fashion. Journals are invaluable to me, a means to write down remembrances that become cherished memories. As an old Bachan, I find journal entries help me to remember happy times as well as bumpy times. Reviewing the entries reminds me of the Truth in the impermanence of life—the happy times can’t go on forever and neither can the difficult times! Life is like the ebb and flow of the ocean! Therefore, I understand that Truth, so no matter how dire situations can be, before despair sets in, I know I can get through it. As Winston Churchill stated, “if you’re going through hell, keep going!” You will also note that I love famous quotes! I can always find one that makes me smile and/or inspires me!

I hope this introduction to Bachan's Cup of Tea blog will interest you to click on to share a Cup of Tea with me~

Love and Light,