"The sweet-tang balance is right on thanks to the mixture of citrusy yuzu juice and umami-rich soy sauce. It's "dynamite" on stir-fries and noodles or as a glaze for grilled meats and seafood." Read the article →
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"Bachan's Japanese barbecue sauce, aka the most delicious thing in existence." Read the article →
"Use a squirt to add umami and sweetness to any barbecue dish—Japanese or not—or add to fried rice, noodles, or simple stir-frys." Read the article →
"Here was a product legions of friends and family have loved and sought out, an opportunity to continue to be an entrepreneur, and a way of continuing to connect with his family." Read the article →
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"We taste a lot of food here at Sunset, all in the line of duty. While we love a laboriously lovely kitchen project that takes hours and hours (name check: sourdough), fast flavor and satisfaction are often the name of the game. So when we vetted, tasted, and selected this year’s winners of the Pantry Awards, it’s no wonder that sauces, pastas, condiments, and snacks figured so heavily in the final selection. We want comfort. We want convenience. And, yes, we want major flavor." Read the article →

"Umamiest Way to Respect Your Elders. "Just like Grandma used to make." Could there be a more disingenuous marketing claim? In the case of this teriyaki-ish sauce, however, Justin Gill follows the recipe of his bachan (Japanese for "granny") to the letter."
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"As a kid, founder Justin Gill’s grandma (aka, Bachan) taught him how to make her recipe for a Japanese BBQ sauce." Read the article →
"This bbq sauce is unlike North American iterations: it’s less viscous, less sweet and has a bold flavor with just the right amount of umami." Read the article →
"Any foodie in your family will love this divine sauce that basically tastes like
homemade teriyaki—but bumped up 10 notches." Read the article →
"Bachan’s honors not only a tried and true family recipe, but the importance of high quality ingredients." Read the article →
"With the richness found in the best teriyaki sauces and the smokiness of American BBQ classics, Bachan’s will quickly become the go-to staple for marinades and adding a little extra flavor to your food." Read the article →
"Keeping true to its original recipe, the now packaged sauce is still created in small batches with authentic Japanese ingredients." Read the article →
"Gill noticed that most other teriyaki sauces on the market were watered down with filler oils, emulsifiers and preservatives. That didn’t set well with Gill.. "Japanese food is about simple, fresh ingredients," he said." Read the article →
"If you're searching for a holiday gift idea or just want to shop local, we're here to help. From savory snacks to skincare products, here's 32 products from companies based in Sonoma County. Justin Gill of Sebastopol launched the teriyaki sauce, based on his grandmother's recipe." Read the article →