Japanese Curry
Gameday Mozzarella Sticks
Bachan's Skillet Chicken
Gameday Nachos
Spicy Beef Stir Fry
Yuzu Citrus Guacamole
Bachan's Mac & Cheese
Sticky Chicken Tenders
Umami Green Bean Casserole
Hot & Spicy Chili Bowls
Holiday Fried Rice
Crispy Veggie Egg Rolls
Yuzu Roasted Mushrooms
Japanese Spaghetti
Bachan's & Cheese Fries
Bachan's Taco-Tuesday Bar
Gameday Sausage Balls
Hot & Spicy Barbecue Ribs
Gameday Fried Chicken Sliders
Hot & Spicy Kimchi Stew
Beef Chow Fun
Yuzu Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese
Crispy Roasted Potatoes
Instant Ramen With Some Kick
Caramelized Pork and Eggs
Tangy Yuzu Kale and Apple Salad
Tteokbokki Rice Cakes
Gluten-Free Steak Noodle Salad
Classic Teriyaki Beef
Classic Seattle Teriyaki Beef
Yuzu Marinated Tuna
Air Fryer Salmon
Yuzu Edamame
Hot & Spicy Sausage Rolls
Yuzu Pepper Party Wings
Gameday 7-Layer Dip
Gluten Free Veggie Stir Fry
The Original Hurricane Fries
OG Marinated Cucumbers
Yuzu Veggie Pasta Salad
Hot & Spicy Beef Tacos
Cold Yuzu Tofu
Yuzu Summer Grilled Corn
Gluten-Free Chicken Adobo
OG Australian Wagyu Ribeye
Fresh Summer Watermelon Salad
OG Japanese Rolled Omelette
Hot & Spicy Thai Basil Tofu
Hot & Spicy Korean Tacos
Bachan's Original Sticky Ribs
Gluten-Free Asparagus Fried Rice
Yuzu Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Yuzu Infused Bison Skillet
Bachan's Pineapple Chicken Kabobs
Bachan's Pork Belly Bao
Hot & Spicy Burger
Hot & Spicy Grilled Mochi
Yuzu Caprese Salad
Bachan's Ramen Egg
Yuzu Pan Seared Duck
Hot & Spicy Smoked Jalapeño Peppers
Bachan's GF Mussels & Fries
Bachan's Brisket Fried Rice
Bachan's Furikake Fries
Pan Seared Fish with Yuzu Sauce
Yuzu Shiitake Steak & Noodles
Bachan's Chicken Karaage
Umami Spice Burger
Bachan's Vegetable Yakiudon
Gluten-Free Spring Salad
Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup
Chipotle Maple Salmon
Bachan's Steak Frites
Smoked Asian Meatballs
Yuzu Coconut Shrimp
Yuzu Salmon Tacos
Spring Asparagus w/ Fried Egg
Sweet Chai Panna Cotta
Hot & Spicy Bibimbap
BBQ Tempeh Tacos
Crispy Smoked Bacon
OG Meatballs
Yuzu Pineapple Teriyaki Bowls
Hot & Spicy Pork Fried Rice
Korean Fried Chicken & Waffles
Air Fryer Salmon Skewers
Breakfast Tacos
Mongolian Beef
Air Fryer Yuzu Tofu Bowl
Air Fryer Chicken Katsu Tenders
Sticky Yuzu Chicken Wings
Air Fryer Yuzu Chicken Taquitos
Game Day Vegetarian Nachos
Korean Beef Bulgogi
Hot & Spicy Chili Lime Kabobs
Hot & Spicy Asian Style Meatloaf
Pineapple Sausage Tortellini
Hot & Spicy Skillet Shrimp
Yuzu Miso Glazed Salmon
Hot & Spicy Glazed Ham