Umami Tsunami Roll

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Umami Tsunami Roll


Notes: See the @craftycookbook story archives on Instagram for a sushi rice recipe, guides to slicing fish, rolling sushi, cutting rolls, and more.
Premade frozen shrimp tempura are a great option for this roll, pick them up at your local Asian grocer and prepare in the oven or air fryer.

1. Spread the sushi rice in a thin, even layer across the nori sheet. Lay the completed sheet rice-side-down on a plastic-wrapped bamboo rolling mat.

2. Slice the tails off of the shrimp tempura and lay them down end to end, 1 inch from the edge along the long side of the nori sheet. Arrange the avocado slices in a line next to the shrimp.

3. Tightly roll up the sushi roll, then layer the tuna slices on top, draping over the sides of the roll and slightly overlapping. Cover the roll with plastic wrap and cut into 8 even pieces using a sharp, wetted knife.

4. Gently remove the plastic wrap and plate the roll, then generously top with Bachan's and sliced green onion.

Recipe provided by Jacqueline Schell @craftycookbook


Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce
3 oz sushi grade tuna, thinly sliced
2 shrimp tempura, prepared
¾ cup prepared, seasoned sushi rice
1 full size sheet of nori
~⅙ of a medium avocado, sliced into strips
1 green onion, greens thinly sliced

Prep time: 30-60 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Makes 1 roll, 8 pieces