"Stand up and take note of this singular and authentic sauce - warm, inviting, succulent, velvety, full-bodied, and done all fresh. Made from Justin’s Grandmothers recipe, with the brand name meaning grandmother in Japanese, Bachan’s has the sweet rich flavor of teriyaki with the body of a BBQ sauce or glaze and is equally at home on the street markets of Tokyo as in your kitchen at home. It certainly is now a staple in our family kitchen."

Walter Robb

Former CEO of Whole Foods Market

"Bachan’s Original Barbecue Sauce is my personal equivalent of sriracha; I put it on almost everything. Like a good friend, it has just enough personality to improve a recipe, letting the rest of the dish speak for itself. I always keep three bottles on hand."

Chris Kimball

American Chef, Editor, Publisher, and Radio/TV Personality

"As a Sonoma County native, I strive to be organic, sustainable and to source locally. Bachan’s Japanese Barbeque Sauce is unlike any other in the sense that its organic ingredients compliment the nuances of my sustainably farmed wines in an unparalleled way. For the past 11 years, I’ve participated in the Wine Road’s Food and Wine Affair and each year try to create the perfect pairing. For this year’s dish, seared Ahi Tuna—garnished with avocado and cucumber that sit on top of a taro chip—gets a drizzle of the spectacular Bachan’s Japanese Barbeque Sauce. The sweet and saltiness of the BBQ sauce and the crunch of the cucumber, with the melt in your mouth Ahi allow the bright cherry notes and spiciness of our wine shine. An unforgettable bite."

Giovanni Balistreri

Winemaker, Founder & Co-Owner of Russian River Vineyards

"Great product. It is flying out of here!"

David "Dave the Butcher" Budworth

Judge on "The Butcher" on the History Channel Founder and Butcher at Marina Meats

"Its rare that a product is so successful right out of the gate, especially at a premium retail. I attribute this accomplishment to Justin’s passionate connection to the history of the recipe and personification of the brand that his Bachan inspired. Justin has followed through on all his commitments for demo, introductory and promotional support which has also added to its early successes in our stores. Bachan’s is a welcome and refreshing addition to our product assortment."

Lawrence Jacobs

Grocery Buyer, Oliver's Market

"To compare Bachan’s teriyaki/Japanese-bbq sauce to any other domestically sold brand is akin to buying fresh vs frozen produce. You cannot compare the two. Bachan’s is so much more expressive and fresh and explosive in flavor that you’ll feel like you’ve been deceived your whole life about what teriyaki sauce is. Our family of 5 has made this a staple in our home-cooking and it compliments just about everything. I cannot stress enough just how much it is worth trying."

Matt Taylor

Winemaker, Matt Taylor Wines