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Nick Nesgado

What do you love most about barbecuing?

What I love most about barbecuing, is that it brings people together for any occasion. There are so many different ways to cook things and every time I have something on the grill, I am learning something new.

Do you have any fond memories of family barbecues growing up?

Cooking outdoors at our cabin on a beautiful day with family and friends was always a big thing for me growing up. I make it a point for me to make those same memories for my kids by include them in the cooking process to pass along that skill set to them. It’s so fun seeing them involved, but also enjoying the food they helped create. 

How does Bachan’s inspire you to make the dishes you do with it?

Using Bachan’s products brings a lot of flavor to the dishes I make and it makes cooking more convenient. The flavors are so on point and it takes the guess work out of finding or making the perfect sauce. 

If you could only pick 1 main dish and 1 side dish to eat at a summer BBQ what would they be? 

It’s really hard to pass up on serving anything brisket - not everyone makes brisket, so there is always a wow factor and I love seeing people enjoy it. Grilled Elote corn is one of my favorite things to serve as a side dish. It’s relatively easy to make and it again has that uniqueness to it where not a lot of people have tried it. 


Simple, non-GMO ingredients are the only kind we use. It's been that way for generations, and it's not a tradition we care to mess with.

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